2 years on and stronger than ever!

newlogo1_6755ea01-d4ab-4d4f-91d4-dd037f334e74_500x.jpgAs we come into May it starts to get very exciting for everyone at

Here’s a little back story which truly inspires.

Back in May 2017 Sheralee Williams founded and got it all ready for launch  in the July of that year.

She wanted the company to be entirely UK based suppliers with high quality products.

SCBoutique has had many great successes since launching .The most proudest is being rated (and currently still) Number 1 newly launched website.

Giftware is a huge industry and lets face it…there’s always going to be a birthday, wedding, special holidays like Valentines,Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day, Halloween and Christmas…to name but a few! We have it all covered! New stock is added consistently throughout the week, keeping everything fresh and upto date.



In early 2019 Sheralee was able to add an ‘exclusive to’ range with handmade personalized gifts.These have proved to be a great success and extremely popular with customers and her ever expanding team of SCBoutique Reps. There is a great collection for the LGBT community and Adult humour, which let’s face it, sometimes we just need to say it how it is!

(If you are ‘Zoflora Queen’ we have just the thing for you!!)


Being very family orientated, we also know how it is looking after and entertaining our young ‘uns! We  have a huge selection of toys for the children. Ride- ons and role plays to cuddlies and with summer getting ever closer, we have plenty for all the outdoor fun!


So,what’s it like behind the scenes of SCBoutique?

Busy,busy,busy! With  very energetic and enthusiastic reps the orders keep flying in!


We are very active in encouraging and supporting each rep who chooses to make a difference and add that little extra into the ‘pot’ for family treats. Of course , one of our Reps has managed to hit over £13,000 in sales since being with us, that’s one ‘L’ of a pot she’s got there! Dedication and consistency is the key. Topped off with that HUGE cherry on the cake of SELF BELIEF.

Our senior management team are with you every step of the way. We don’t hide and we ride through any bumps in the road with eyes continually set on the horizon. Forward is the only way we are going!


I love working for SCBoutique … ps. I’m the Boss!

Sheralee  has worked tirelessly to ensure has a  strong business foundation set in place. Highly respected by everyone involved , she has shown true raw grit and determination to make the company what it is today.

Through her perseverance, she has enabled many who choose to work from home, the chance to not only be with their growing families but to instill self confidence on a personal level, regardless of what stage in life we have all found ourselves.


Here’s to the future, and what a journey to be part of!










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