Senior Team Spotlight – Vanessa Hutton

What’s your role at SC?

My role – Assistant Manager

Do you have a favourite product?

Favourite product – the not today dickhead mug as I say it far to much & my name is now on the website 😍


‘Not Today ! Enjoy your prefect cuppa & pre warn those that need to be warned… Design Inspired by Vanessa Hutton 


What excites you most about SC?

What excites me the most – all the amazing stuff to come SC has grown so much and had so many positive changes in the time I have been here I can’t wait to see what coming!! I also get excited about seeing the other reps achieve all their targets

How long have you been with SC?

How long have I been with SC – 9 months I joined out the blue never done anything like this before. I seen my old uplines comment on a post and jumped at the chance (16/8/18)


What positive changes have you noticed about yourself?

What positive changes have I seen – I am definitely a lot more confident. Being here with these lovely bunch of ladies has pushed me into doing things I would of never dreamt about before 😍


You can find all things Vanessa here…Treasure Box Delights



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