Senior Team Spotlight – Sharalou Day

What’s your role at SC?

 My Role – Senior Manager

Do you have a favourite product?

My Favourite Product – I don’t have a Favourite, I just get excited about finding stock and adding it to the website and the reps letting me know how much they love it.

“SCBoutiques Exclusive Mystery Beauty Bags

Our Beauty Bags have been carefully “Handpicked” By Shara Day to give you an exciting Beauty Treat…

Each Bag comes with SC’s very own complimentary Pick ‘n’ Mix Sweetie Bag… “

What positive changes have you noticed about yourself?

What positive changes have I seen in myself – Since Joining SC I have had 3 Promotions and each of them have motivated me more and more and gave me the confidence to be the best of my ability, SC is Growing and I’m excited to grow alongside too, Sheralee (Founder) has become my bestest friend and we work so well together she boosts me and I boost her I wouldn’t want to be anywhere Else SC all the way.

How long have you been with SC?

How Long I’ve been with SC – I have been here since Launch Day (01.07.17) so 2yrs in July.

 What excites you most about SC?

What Excites me the most about SC – The progress excites me the most, of how far we have come since Launch Day, we have lots in the pipeline so watch this space.

You can catch up with Sharalou  in her group here …Little Bow Tique

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