Senior Team Spotlight – Sheralee Williams, Founder.

The beautiful lady , who has made it all happen?

 It all started with a passion & SC began in my front room with a vision to help myself & others succeed in the “work From home” niche

2 years on & it still feels like a dream, the incredible highs & even the lows still give me that fire in my belly & inspires me to take SC as far as we can go, I have a lot planned for SC’s future.

July – It’s our Birthday. Celebrating 2 years!

A little bit of a throwback here to a post from May (where is the time going?) 2 years on and stronger than ever! 

Sheralee  has worked tirelessly to ensure has a  strong business foundation set in place. Highly respected by everyone involved , she has shown true raw grit and determination to make the company what it is today.

Through her perseverance, she has enabled many who choose to work from home, the chance to not only be with their growing families but to instill self confidence on a personal level, regardless of what stage in life we have all found ourselves.




You can follow all the excitement of on our official Facebook page here…   and over on Instagram .


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