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Copy of Copy of Facebook Group coverI’ll keep it easy…are you ready? Here we go and enjoy.x

Over far too many years than I dare mention, there has been a fantastic shift among direct selling companies, small business’ etc in the land of social media. Long gone are the days when shoving a stamp on an envelope, hour after hour was the only way of getting your content in the eye of the beholder! 

We want to know about ‘stuff’ now! We have an idea – we get it out there straight away.

I created ‘LSAH – LittleShopAtHome’ and ‘Your HomeBiz’ quite a few years ago in my selling days and keeping spirits high!

Today, things are at a gentler pace but I’m still in love with using awareness days fun, wacky and serious, to springboard your own imagination for your own content/cause.

🌻#Weekly #PostContent ideas for when you get in a pickle!

🌻#Daily ‘it’s ok’ #quotes for your beautiful soul.

🌻#Journals by vintagenorah.com

🙏Each day is made better by you being part of it. Sometimes, we all need to be reminded of this & I love to share some beautiful quotes I come across with you.

💕Over on you tube you’ll find @vintagenorah . Named after & inspired by my Nan many moons ago. She loved ‘words’ ,& came from a family of coopers, barrelmakers and candlemakers.

Today, journals, scrapbooking ,wax melts and home is what it’s all about

Wishing you all success – Follow your dreams, they know the way & take it one day at a time.