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Over far too many years than I dare mention, there has been a fantastic shift among direct selling companies, small business’ etc in the land of social media. Long gone are the days when shoving a stamp on an envelope, hour after hour was the only way of getting your content in the eye of the beholder! 

We want to know about ‘stuff’ now! We have an idea – we get it out there straight away.

My geeky side (which I never knew I had) is bursting at the brim to bring social content and understanding to those within the selling sector.

It’s nothing new and yes , many do it already. What I love about this whole darn thing , is the way it continues to grow, which means you grow with it too – forever the student!

Right here at Your Home Biz, it’s just going to be clean, fresh and easy to get a long with!


Monthly – 50 Media/Email headers, captions, titles, questions,media content plan & media tracker

1-4Sometimes we all hit a blank!! Each month you will be able to grab yourself ‘your  Monthly 50’ . captions, titles, headers, content ideas, which you can tap into and keep it all relevant and seasonal. This will be rolling out month by month…a little ahead of time…to give you a chance to get everything planned out.

As a monthly subscriber you will have access to the members only area & benefit from downloads and ‘your monthly 50’ planner. Plus, be emailed each time  members  only content is posted, so you get it straight away.




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Come and join myself and the wonderful followers of LouiseAndTheLittleShopAtHome  covering all kinds of social media etiquette, how to’s and the chance to work our business’ along side each other.

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