Stuck for ideas on what to post this week?

These may help!

It’s great when you have a theme you can run with,but there are times when it’s just a blur?! To help you with a little insporation, have a look at these ‘National Days’ coming up this week. Think out of the box…Sloth Day – do you have any ‘sloth’  products you could mix in or maybe you will just head into the Gin & Tonic Day without a care in the world!!! have fun. x








Use this FREE social media post it planner  to plan out and get inspired for your home biz content .


📌You can use this to…
-Bring variety to your daily posts.
-Create interest.
-Bring Value.
-Break up the all those ‘sales’ posts!
– Schedule a month in one session to free you up, so you can build that relationship with your customers.

📌It includes:
-All those awareness and fun wacky calendar days.
-You could use these days to tie in with a product/service you provide.

Think out of the box!!!

‘Unleash your Inner Power’- The most powerful mindset book YOU need right now!

It’s true.

‘Unleash your Inner Power’ by Satwinder Sagoo (  click here ) is  going to be one of the most read books if you are wanting to get to grips with a positive mindset to help you through business, family life, personal achievements and at the moment, to keep a grip on life’s balance. It’s just what’s needed right now.

Sat has made this available to download FOR FREE today up until 9pm GMT and I cannot urge you enough to have this in your library of ‘go to’s’ for when you need direction.

He speaks from the heart with the most humble respect for, people and situations through out his life and he will talk you through how to face obstacles head on and turn them into a positive solution.

So , once more here it is … ‘Unleash your Inner Power’ by Satwinder Sagoo  download your free copy while you can and share away.





14 Day ‘Happy Post ‘ Plan!

Are you ready?!!
Here’s a 14 day ‘Happy Post’ Plan for you.



😊14 Happy ideas, ( no doom and gloom required) to keep your pages and groups a happy and ‘let’s get on with it’ place to be!

👌It’s OK to keep posting your products.
👌It’s OK to keep recruiting.
👌It’s OK to keep smiling.

😊Be sensitive to the situation and don’t use the ‘C’ word as a false promise or a reason to work from home! There’s no need to include it in your recruitment posts. Quite simply, if someone is looking to work from home, offer your opportunity. As you normally would. xx

😊 Keep it real. We are all in the same boat…all be it at a social distance!🤦‍♀️🤣

😊As mentioned in the ‘plan’, here are a couple of links to ‘whats in your fridge’…I love the idea of these…you tick the items you have and it will generate a recipe using only those items.

(magic fridge)
( My fridge recipes)