Might as well do something for this Black Friday malarky!

Most seem to be at it, including me! So, i shall unashamedly throw in my ‘tuppence worth!

Let’s face it, a bargain is a bargain is a bargain…if it’s a bargain! Right?!

Here are just a couple of bundles and that ‘I so need this in my life Nerf battle Racer Go kart’.


…and this is what is going on for today over in my shop with scboutique. So go on, share it around and get those gifts, perfumes, no sprout socks ordered!

Click here to take you there!

And don’t forget to put in those discount codes on checkout!



I do like a nice advent calendar. Of course , long gone are the days of  fiddling and scratching to lift the corner of a ‘door’ only to find a picture of a Christmas tree which looked like it had been in an explosion and a fizzled bit of tinsel had landed on top!

The only ‘fizz’ you’ll find in these ones are purely for a bit of calm while having a soak in the bath. Ahh, sounds lovely…how I dream of a good soak without the calling/yelling of a little voice ‘MOM, I NEED A WEE! NOW! THERE’S ALSO SOMEONE AT THE DOOR AND THE DOG NEEDS WALKING’!!!!



That moment when…you remember your own childhood and how much fun you had with a couple of pram wheels on a plank of wood with a bit of fraying string!! A bonus point here please because we lived on a hill and boy oh boy…those go karts flew!!!!!

LOOK AT THESE ‘RIDE ON’S! I shall take off my ‘grumpy old mom’ hat because deep down I want to get on that nerf battle racer thingy mijig! or maybe the Digger…I’m torn between them all!

You can have a look at the technical bits and see what twiddles, turns and adjusts right here TAKE ME TO THE RIDE ON’S PLEASE


2 must have’s for a magical nights sleep!

Seriously, this is the time of year when it is a case of anything cosy is a must have for me!!

Fleeces, snug slippers, vests tucked in knickers to keep the draft out!

This is a must have for all our unicorn friends out there. A magical nights sleep with extra cosiness….oooh, the toes are doing that snuggly wiggle thing just at the thought of it!



More to the point, if it’s your first time ordering you get 10% off, using the discount code thingy!

Snuggle,tuck,wiggle and go chase those magical dreams in fleecy style!

This way to the unicorn pj’s & slipper set.


Wowzers! It’s a 2 for 10!!

product images inst sie (1) Where are my ‘love a bargain’ people?!

So, today over on my group page (click here to join and mooch more!)

we are having a little treat day!

With only about 2 good paydays left to get ahead of the Christmas Shopping , I’m going all out with arranging a few offers/deals: whatever you’d like to call them: and do my little bit!


I’m quite liking the idea of these Mould & Paint Fridge Magnet sets. Something different for the creative little ones…or big ones! ( I won’t be held responsible for any mess it makes up the walls, on the carpet, over the table…as a mom my advice would be to cover everything, even the dog!)

So, if you are in the customer group this is where you’ll be able to take advantage of this offer.

OR you can pop over to the shop if just want to get one. product images inst sie

OVER THE TOP SALE ALERT WARNING…Take advantage of this offer and join my group today…you’d be crazy not too! ( Imaginary confetti cannon goes off and balloons float by!)