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📌You can use this to…
-Bring variety to your daily posts.
-Create interest.
-Bring Value.
-Break up the all those ‘sales’ posts!
– Schedule a month in one session to free you up, so you can build that relationship with your customers.

📌It includes:
-All those awareness and fun wacky calendar days.
-You could use these days to tie in with a product/service you provide.

Think out of the box!!!

FREEBIE PRINTABLE…Who has a birthday this year?!!!!!

join theOne of the ‘things’ I shall be trying out this year is a ‘Birthday Club’ within my customer group.

Here’s why…

  1. I want my customers to know I really do care and value them being within the group. They may not always comment or get involved but I just want , them to know , that I know , that they know , they are being looked after!!!🤪
  2. They have a choice. I don’t expect them to ALL want to take part (although, it would be nice!) I have never been a ‘pushy’ type but I AM a helpful and respectful kind of gal!
  3. If they want to take part, they get the chance to enter into a draw in their birthday month. It’s as simple as a graphic post on Facebook…in group…and they just make the comment – ‘it’s my birthday’!
  4. If they haven’t been interacting for a while, this just may spark a little self indulgent interest for them.


So, this is what I have done , ( January has already been posted!)

birthday clubBirthday Club  – Yup, this is the printable I will be using. Under each month, I will keep a note of who has commented. I’ll probably pop on the gift or discount they will get so I can keep track of what’s going where.

So here it is, simply click to download and get your copy of the Birthday Club Tracker whizzing through your printer! 

I’ve chosen to invest £5 a month and they will receive a gift voucher they can use on the site.

It’s going to be personal to you what you decide to do. It could be a discount if they spend x amount within your store or something that has nothing to do with your business!! 




So here it is, simply click to download and get your copy of the Birthday Club Tracker whizzing through now!