Wowzers! It’s a 2 for 10!!

 Where are my 'love a bargain' people?! So, today over on my group page (click here to join and mooch more!) we are having a little treat day! With only about 2 good paydays left to get ahead of the Christmas Shopping , I'm going all out with arranging a few offers/deals: whatever you'd like … Continue reading Wowzers! It’s a 2 for 10!!


The beginning of the bundles and I'm getting rather excited about this. The purpose is to give ideas for when you get  stuck for a gift. Oh , and lets not forget the gift bag, some will have the gift bags included. (To keep in with 'the theme'.) Let's have a look shall we...   … Continue reading DONUTS, PROSECCO & PRINCESS’S…WHAT A BUNDLE!