Bananas & Shrimps get together!!!

What was your favourite to munch on as a little 'un? Yes , I'm talking those penny sweets. Better still, the ones you could get for a halfpenny! Waiting to get back home from the 'papershop' with your little white paper bag with a quarter of your favourite sweets. Good times. Oh, and then reliving … Continue reading Bananas & Shrimps get together!!!

What kind of book do bunnies read?

...Ones with a hoppy ending! I have found some great ideas over on pinterest for activities from egg hunts to straw rockets(a favourite) and of course cakes. Oh my, those gorgeous cakes. Free printables for lunch box jokes, games, colouring and craft activities for the little ones. Family games for 'the big kids' and have … Continue reading What kind of book do bunnies read?