Getting ready for a spooky week! 8 theme ideas

Get as many spooky puns in as you can this week! It’s alHOWLed! (That is soo bad!!!!)

8 theme ideas for you which you could use across the media and linked in with your product /service. having said that, you could just go visual and use the vast amount of images in your posts. maybe, just change up the colour. Whatever fits and suits you.

Have fun creating.


Halloween Ready, Teal Pumpkins and then Christmas!!!

I can’t help it!

Don’t get me wrong , I enjoy Halloween but this old fashioned girl is finding it quite hard at the moment…I want it to hurry up and come, so I can throw myself into the run up to Christmas!!!

It’s sending me nuts right now!

I saw a fantastic meme the other day, “I walk around acting like everything is ok, but deep down inside I want to put up my Christmas Tree!”

So, let’s get Halloween prepped,(and then I can unashamedly get on with all the baubles and Christmassy stuff!!)


Pinterest is always my go to place for anything like this just to loose myself for a few hours among food, games, decoration and the diy  crafty bits! You know what I mean…everything you would like to do, probably won’t, but glad you saw it!!!

But, here is one thing which can get over looked…

Bring out your teal pumpkins!


As we  get stuck in and search for carving ideas, I’m going to do a bit of right  turn.

The teal pumpkin... allergy friendly non food treats . Let your trick or treaters know that it’s ok and you do have friendly treats, glow sticks, small toys etc . The child who may never reach into the stock pile of sweets you have ready, just may be the one who can’t because of a food allergy.

The Teal Pumpkin Project landed in the UK from the US, back in 2016 and is aimed to help  children with food allergies enjoy Halloween.

So, get that Teal Pumpkin on your doorstep and make everyone feel included, so they can enjoy with each other.

I have picked out a few decorating ideas for you here along with a  few cute  ideas of what to include.

Have fun and  don’t be too spooked !!!


Bananas & Shrimps get together!!!

What was your favourite to munch on as a little ‘un? Yes , I’m talking those penny sweets. Better still, the ones you could get for a halfpenny! Waiting to get back home from the ‘papershop’ with your little white paper bag with a quarter of your favourite sweets.

Good times. Oh, and then reliving your childhood at the very muched loved Pik n Mix in Woolies!!!

I always favoured the bananas and rummaged through for the shrimps.

Alas, just the other week, I found myself; with the help of my son; munching and squishing through a 500g box  of bananas & shrimps!!

Absolute heaven!

We now have SC’s Candy Boutique. Sweet Boxes and Fudge Boxes delivered straight to your door, and may I just add , what a treat you are in for when you order one of our fudge boxes!!!! Oh my heavenly goodness!!!


Before you even open up your box , you are greeted with that warm sweet scent of fudge. It is divine. The caramel and seasalt fudge is a definite must.

Seriously, I always thought a clotted cream fudge would be hard to beat.How wrong am I!

Bitesize and quite simply moorish, these little beauties are a ‘taste sensation’!!!

For anyone who has a weakness for a ‘millionaires shortbread’ may I suggest swapping the caramel for this box of fudge. You will not be disappointed with the result. You will slobber with each bite!!!



The selection doesn’t stop there with the fudge..Have a look at all of these,

Our sweet boxes have caused quite a stir. Tingly, jelly, chocoholics dream…this is just the beginning!!!


Freaky Friday! Arghhhhh!



It’s a really strange and freaky time of year at the moment. To be honest, I’m itching to get all christmassy ‘right now’ and that in  itself is just freaking me out!

But, let’s talk Halloween first and let me point you in the direction of some great Halloween bits and pieces.

Here’s just a few things you will find on your way….




So, while you have a halloween mooch, I’m off to dust down some baubles!




Made of metal is this cute little pumpkin face with leaf ears. This pumpkin lantern has a door on the back wide enough to insert your candle. Comes with a metal hanger making it ideal to be hung anywhere in the home. Metal pumpkin lantern measures H19cm x W18cm. ***UK DELIVERY ONLY*** Price £15.00 PLUS P&P £2.49 ***YOU PAY £17.49


If you would like to order more than one item you get in touch with me here