Designers sashay our way!

We are feeling the love with designers sashaying their way over to SCBoutique! Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of swooning and cries of excitement like a kid in a sweet shop…and why not eh?

I’m getting in all a flutter, seeing those very precious words…’dustbag included’!!!!!

That’s my weakness you see…handbags! Oh, and guitars so I think we can safely assume a ‘guitar handbag’ really would knock me for six!!!

Back to these designer brands arriving. It has been incredible watching them appear . They are still being added, but here are a few of those gems that are appearing….deep breath…!

Armani, Versace, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Moschino, Nike,Fila,Michael Kors, Prada,Coach,Carrera, Made in Italia,UGG, Birkenstock, Anna Lublin, Calvin Klein, Guess, DSquared…

Phew!!!! What a list!

Seriously, all that to one side, all you need to remember are those 2 special words…dustbag included!


































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I have a weakness! Ever since passing a leather bag shop in the middle of Birmingham way way back in 1988! ahem! I set myself a goal!. This gorgeous bag was calling me and the price tag would have cost me all of my ‘YTS’ (remember that?) wages for that week! I soooooo, needed that bag! I was ok with my Bus pass for the next couple of weeks and the decision was made. The following week , I tootled in during my lunch hour, bought the bag, and oh boy did I feel all grown up!!!

So, when I saw this beauty turn up, I yet again find myself ready to make a purchase!!!

The decision now is which colour to go for?!

Apricot is calling me!






Look at everything you can put in there! There would even be room for a sandwich box!!!

Love what you see? Go on, you deserve a treat!