2 years on and stronger than ever!

As we come into May it starts to get very exciting for everyone at Here’s a little back story which truly inspires. Back in May 2017 Sheralee Williams founded and got it all ready for launch  in the July of that year. She wanted the company to be entirely UK based suppliers with […]


If you are going to be making those ‘notes to self’ , you may as well do it in style, with a nice cuppa’ ! Personalised Gold Message Hardback A5 Notebook Hello Gorgeous Mug Thai Budhha phone case Available for … Iphone 6/7/8 Samsung 8 White and Gold Pineapple Storage. Perfect for keeping your hidden […]

Snuggable Cute Unicorn

This little cutie arrived this week, fresh off the rainbow, and ready to give plenty of snuggables! Perfect to keep chills away (yup, its gone chilly here at the moment) and to magically help those little aches and pains to go away.  

The Specialogue! Flick & Click!

I always enjoy putting these together. ‘It’s Got To Go’ is a selection from the KLife range which have quite simply ‘got to go’! Some great bargains in here. You can just view as a catalogue and if something catches your eye you can click on the image and it will take you straight to […]