Planning posts ahead wc 12th april 2021

Awareness days are great for not only celebrating but also inspiration for post content ideas, competitions,games and general interaction across social media.

Don’t forget to # each day to be seen.


Deskfast day

Hamster day

Library workers day

Licorice day

Grilled cheese sandwich day

Walk on your wildside day


Scrabble day

International FND awareness day

Equal pay day

Thomas Jefferson day

Be kind to Lawyers day


Dolphin day

Day of pink

Look up at the sky day


Husband appreciation day

High five day

That sucks! day

Anime day

ASL day

Micro volunteering day

Take a wild guess day

College student grief awareness day


Wear your pyjamas to work day

Save the elephant day

Eggs benedict day


Haiku poetry day

Blah blah blah day

Cheese ball day

World hemophilia day

Kickball day

Bat appreciation day

Nothing like a dame day

Ford Mustang day

Auctioneers day


Pinata day

Columnists day

Animal crackers day

World Heritage day

Lineman appreciation day

Pet owners independence day

Amateur radio day

14 Day ‘Happy Post ‘ Plan!

Are you ready?!!
Here’s a 14 day ‘Happy Post’ Plan for you.



😊14 Happy ideas, ( no doom and gloom required) to keep your pages and groups a happy and ‘let’s get on with it’ place to be!

👌It’s OK to keep posting your products.
👌It’s OK to keep recruiting.
👌It’s OK to keep smiling.

😊Be sensitive to the situation and don’t use the ‘C’ word as a false promise or a reason to work from home! There’s no need to include it in your recruitment posts. Quite simply, if someone is looking to work from home, offer your opportunity. As you normally would. xx

😊 Keep it real. We are all in the same boat…all be it at a social distance!🤦‍♀️🤣

😊As mentioned in the ‘plan’, here are a couple of links to ‘whats in your fridge’…I love the idea of these…you tick the items you have and it will generate a recipe using only those items.

(magic fridge)
( My fridge recipes)



It’s all about new beginnings!

No matter what it is, January always seems to be about a good old clear out, new goals, new intentions and in general a fresh start with everything in its place …again!

Here are 5 Pinterest Boards You Need to get curating for January.

  1. Storage/Organisation hacks.
  2. Cleaning hacks
  3. Motivation/quotes
  4. Vision boards
  5. Planning boards.


Bringing value and interest will break up all those product,product, product posts!


This is one of my favourites! Creative and fresh images to boot and it’s going to get you feeling ready to take on the influx of sales and new team members…all because you’ve found a new way to organise your workspace!!!


Snow Day Fun!

When that day comes and the children are home, this is full of  fun snow day activities for outside and in. Certainly a go to when you hear the  ‘ I’m board now’!



5 pinterest boards you need ready for january