I want to share with you some great ideas that just may help you when it comes to getting your direct business up and running.

Of course it’s not just all from little ole me! I had to find my way around it all, look for inspiration…just like you…and took what was relevant for me at any given time.

So, this is all about what comes in handy. Especially when it comes to all this social media malarky!🤣Use it for what suits you, for whatever company you are from. If it’s relevant, give it a go.

It is going to be  packed full of  of great tips for you to use. All the bits and bobs you need to help yourself and anyone in your team.

Please feel free to share with your team.

Let’s see where this will take us.

Enjoy x



Your Home Biz Group

To keep upto date with free weekly trainings and general info come and join us over in the group and share away.



Planning Ahead.

Aiming to free up time so you CAN spend time with your family or catch up with friends or get the shopping in…I have a great tool for you which (admittedly) has become my ‘favourite, favourite’ !

Cinchshare  has enabled me to plan a month, a week  in advance across my facebook groups, pages & timeline, twitter, instagram and pinterest.

All in one place!  It has been perfect for me. You can find out more about Cinchshare here .

When I first looked into it I decided to give it a try ; 7 days free trial…which then became 37 days FREE trial. Have a look and if you want to give it a go just add in the CSfree promo code when you sign up so you too can have 37days (5weeks) free!

**$10 / £7.33 per month.


Free Training.

Each week there are weekly trainings , free , and available for you.

Discover how to make social media work for you and see what everyone else does, mix it up, get ideas and see how it can fit in with your home biz.




Free Stock Images.

Be original. An ongoing list of  ‘free’ image resources you can use to create your own fantastic banners, posts etc. Here are a few I use but there are loads out there!

CANVA a great free graphics creator with free images you can use incorporated.

PEXELS. Free to use .

PIXABAY. Free to use.