I do like a nice advent calendar. Of course , long gone are the days of  fiddling and scratching to lift the corner of a ‘door’ only to find a picture of a Christmas tree which looked like it had been in an explosion and a fizzled bit of tinsel had landed on top!

The only ‘fizz’ you’ll find in these ones are purely for a bit of calm while having a soak in the bath. Ahh, sounds lovely…how I dream of a good soak without the calling/yelling of a little voice ‘MOM, I NEED A WEE! NOW! THERE’S ALSO SOMEONE AT THE DOOR AND THE DOG NEEDS WALKING’!!!!


Happy World Marmite Day…ahhh or urgh!

Yep, it’s a thing. #worldmarmiteday ! There will no doubt be the infamous ‘do you love it or hate it ‘questions. (just for the record, I like it. Unless I put too much of a dollop on my toast !) But have a look at all this lot… a collection of recipes which with the best of intentions, I love the idea of putting a few of these together … the reality is I probably won’t but you just may!

I am feeling very curious though…Here are my top three. You can see the rest here . Just look for Marmite Yummies!

Marmite Yummies

Here are  a couple. Which one fascinates you?

Happy #Marmiteday.



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savoury Marmite Porridge



Tea Tree & Peppermint Solid Shampoo

Tea Tree & Peppermint Solid Shampoo

For fresh hair, Approx. 115 gr per piece, Contains: Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils. Solid Shampoo base is made from high quality vegetable oils. Creates a wonderfully dense creamy lather, which is naturally conditioning to the hair. Environmentally friendly as you are not wasting bottles and packaging and paying for water to be shipped around the country. ***UK DELIVERY ONLY.*** FREE P&P