Happy World Marmite Day…ahhh or urgh!

Yep, it’s a thing. #worldmarmiteday ! There will no doubt be the infamous ‘do you love it or hate it ‘questions. (just for the record, I like it. Unless I put too much of a dollop on my toast !) But have a look at all this lot… a collection of recipes which with the best of intentions, I love the idea of putting a few of these together … the reality is I probably won’t but you just may!

I am feeling very curious though…Here are my top three. You can see the rest here . Just look for Marmite Yummies!

Marmite Yummies

Here are  a couple. Which one fascinates you?

Happy #Marmiteday.


Click here for more



savoury Marmite Porridge



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