Planning ahead this week…1st Feb2021

Seriously, how is it February already?

Here are a few ideas to help you get creative. i see we have a #GroundhogDay going on…I’m sure many feel that’s been happening for a while now!!!

What I love about these ‘days’…is how you can incorporate them into your media posts. It adds variety and interest, along with a very helpful hashtag, helping you to possibly reach more with the same interest.

#WorldReadAloudDay Perfect for the readers out there. Maybe, do a ‘live’ during the day and read aloud.

If you would like to get ahead for the month, head over here and have a look at ‘your’ monthly 50…delivered direct to your email each month when you subscribe (£5 pm).

Planning for the week!!!

Stuck for ideas on what to post?

Here’s this weeks schedule of wacky days!

Everyday has something to celebrate or recognise and Im a firm believer that these can help you , if you get stuck for ideas for your content.

Remember to hashtag the days to help get you noticed and reach a larger audience.


Getting ready for a spooky week! 8 theme ideas

Get as many spooky puns in as you can this week! It’s alHOWLed! (That is soo bad!!!!)

8 theme ideas for you which you could use across the media and linked in with your product /service. having said that, you could just go visual and use the vast amount of images in your posts. maybe, just change up the colour. Whatever fits and suits you.

Have fun creating.