Facebook Albums.

I’ll get straight to the point… How effectively are Custom Facebook albums used for your direct sales page/group?   My hand will go straight up to admit I’ve not used them to their greatest potential and oh boy do I need to revisit this area….for both business pages and customer groups! Let’s face it, a […]

Here’s and idea (or two)…Avoid The Summer Slump!

Honestly, the Summer is ambling in! This weeks training on the Summer Slump has some great ideas on summer themes for your Facebook parties. How ,where, and why have a Facebook party,  party scripts and why hostess coaching is so important. Have I mentioned the free printables? They’re included too. Let’s keep the motivation going […]


I’ve added a few of the ‘fun days’ and of course THE Wedding. It’s just a few ideas to help along the way when you suddenly haven’t a clue what to post! Mix it up, put your own thing in there, share it on!  

IN THE SUMMERTIME. Marketing online.

Ok. I shall be fair. It can be difficult to feel all summer-y when you don’t know whether to do socks or flip flops at the moment! But let’s see what ideas there are for a bit of summer marketing. This week , there was a great training session by Cinchshare on exactly this. In […]


Are you free for half hour on Wednesday? I only ask because if you are having a look for ‘something to do’ and you are wondering whether to take the plunge with a home biz, (you can begin a drum roll here!) then it would be great for you to pop over to the   ‘your […]