Hat Box Bouquet- Forever Living Diamante Roses

Absolutely beautiful Hatbox with Forever living Diamante Roses.

Aren’t these gorgeous?

Perfect for the home but how beautiful as part of your wedding decor…and a beautiful keepsake of memories.

They come in 3 sizes

Small – 11cm Tall, 14.5cm Base

Medium – 13cm Tall, 17cm Base

Large – 14cm Tall, 20cm Base

You can find them here  Hatbox with forever living diamante roses

Hope you fall in love with them , as much as I have.xx


Bananas & Shrimps get together!!!

What was your favourite to munch on as a little ‘un? Yes , I’m talking those penny sweets. Better still, the ones you could get for a halfpenny! Waiting to get back home from the ‘papershop’ with your little white paper bag with a quarter of your favourite sweets.

Good times. Oh, and then reliving your childhood at the very muched loved Pik n Mix in Woolies!!!

I always favoured the bananas and rummaged through for the shrimps.

Alas, just the other week, I found myself; with the help of my son; munching and squishing through a 500g box  of bananas & shrimps!!

Absolute heaven!

We now have SC’s Candy Boutique. Sweet Boxes and Fudge Boxes delivered straight to your door, and may I just add , what a treat you are in for when you order one of our fudge boxes!!!! Oh my heavenly goodness!!!


Before you even open up your box , you are greeted with that warm sweet scent of fudge. It is divine. The caramel and seasalt fudge is a definite must.

Seriously, I always thought a clotted cream fudge would be hard to beat.How wrong am I!

Bitesize and quite simply moorish, these little beauties are a ‘taste sensation’!!!

For anyone who has a weakness for a ‘millionaires shortbread’ may I suggest swapping the caramel for this box of fudge. You will not be disappointed with the result. You will slobber with each bite!!!



The selection doesn’t stop there with the fudge..Have a look at all of these,

Our sweet boxes have caused quite a stir. Tingly, jelly, chocoholics dream…this is just the beginning!!!


WAX MELTS…Magical Fairy Farts & Fluffy Towels!!

I can only imagine a delicate Fairy to Fluff- not fart!

It’s been on my mind all day and yes, in true Louise fashion, I have been chuckling each time I thought about a Fluffing Fairy!!!

Seriously though, isn’t she beautiful. The detail is so intricate and smells divine.

We now have a beautiful range of handmade and CPL compliant wax melts added to our SCBoutique family. You can find them here: http://bit.ly/SCsWaxMelts .

They are all 100% Natural Soy Wax, Vegan Soy Bean, 10% Oil.

The available scents are incredible and will vary over the months, so it is always worth popping over to see which is available for each design.

It is also worth remembering that there are colour changes dependant on the chosen scent.

I have had a lovely selection arrive and here are a few of them. Just to give you a little idea with the colour and scent variation.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the scents available with each design…



I really am so excited by this whole range. Perfect for token gifts, stocking fillers and a general ‘treat yourself gift’ (my favourite!)

Catch you all again soon


💕NB:By clicking on my affiliate link http://bit.ly/SCsWaxMelts you’ll be taken to SCBoutique.
I’ll earn a little commission if you purchase an item at no extra cost to you💕



STAR WARS DAY! Do you really think I’d let it pass without mentioning it?!

Well did ya’?

When your son is Star Wars Crazy, Dr Who Crazy and train crazy, this Mom needs some kind of ‘Force’ to keep up!

Of many weird and wonderful questions you get ask from your children as they grow, having to explain which Star Wars came first, why didn’t they just do it in order from the beginning or indeed ‘in a fight between Dr who and Darth Vadar, who do you think would win?’

I really didn’t think I would find myself googling away for the answers! Life was so simple in the ’70s!!


By the way, it would be Dr Who! Go on google it !

Not just yet though…there’s more….



We need to talk themes and decor and stuff!

Click and I’ll take you right there!

Death Star donuts, Yoda Soda, Storm troopers hanging off balloons , Ewok Choc…Yup! it’s all here..right in this pinterest board. Look at Darth with his candle, ain’t he lovely eh?!


Star Wars Gift Corner

You can find all of these right about here STAR WARS GIFTS AT SCBOUTIQUEUK




DISCLOSURE:Yes, there are affiliate links within this post which will take you to SCBoutique.co.uk. I will earn a little commission if you purchase an item…and maybe treat myself to a wookie cookie!!!





BLOONS!!! Watch out here comes a 6ft glowing unicorn!

Seriously! I’m not kidding.



Better yet…what an absolutely fantastic idea to use these for a kids birthday party! Eh?! God, I’m good! I may not always be original but right now I am feeling chufffed to bits!

Back to the BLOONS!

  • Balloons that stick together!
  • Glow sticks to light up the sculptures Included. ( This is serious balloon work!)
  • Stickers and pump included. (Always a bonus in my book!)
  • £3.99 ……I know! It’s crazy and I love them.






Race Car Bloons.








Alien Bloons.