STAR WARS DAY! Do you really think I’d let it pass without mentioning it?!

Well did ya’?

When your son is Star Wars Crazy, Dr Who Crazy and train crazy, this Mom needs some kind of ‘Force’ to keep up!

Of many weird and wonderful questions you get ask from your children as they grow, having to explain which Star Wars came first, why didn’t they just do it in order from the beginning or indeed ‘in a fight between Dr who and Darth Vadar, who do you think would win?’

I really didn’t think I would find myself googling away for the answers! Life was so simple in the ’70s!!


By the way, it would be Dr Who! Go on google it !

Not just yet though…there’s more….



We need to talk themes and decor and stuff!

Click and I’ll take you right there!

Death Star donuts, Yoda Soda, Storm troopers hanging off balloons , Ewok Choc…Yup! it’s all here..right in this pinterest board. Look at Darth with his candle, ain’t he lovely eh?!


Star Wars Gift Corner

You can find all of these right about here STAR WARS GIFTS AT SCBOUTIQUEUK




DISCLOSURE:Yes, there are affiliate links within this post which will take you to I will earn a little commission if you purchase an item…and maybe treat myself to a wookie cookie!!!





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