Aye’ up March, how you doing?

First off lets get these March plans out the way.

So, how was your February?

The Reps training group over at SCBoutique is incredible! Even if I do say so myself🤭.

Everybody’s adding their own take on things, sharing experiences and I love that. So much so , I’ve had a slight gratitude attack….

….You all know I’m a quiet soul!!😘
💕This past month has been incredible…why is that Lou? I’ll tell you why…I am able to give back.
💕I am able; with the incredible senior team at #SCBoutique ; to provide great insight, support and encouragement to every single never-give-up rep we have.
💕I love bringing to them their weekly media training.
💕I love ALL the input from everyone.
💕I love that each and everyone of us continues to learn and move forward…together.
💕I also love tea and chocolate!
#joinus #littleshopathome #joinscboutique #ILoveTeaAndChocolate.




September Post Content Helper.

A few days behind, what with the last minute scramble for uniform name labels and making sure they fit!!! It’s what us parents do eh?!

Anyway, here it is, this months post content helper.

I have included some of the Uk fun days but there are so many to choose from. A couple of ‘go to’ sites which I have found helpful are these two…




Have you joined ‘your Home Biz’ Facebook group yet?

What are you waiting for, get on over there🤣.

Here’s why,




🍍 You get to see the monthly planners first and a little earlier so you can plan ahead without a rush.

🍍 Weekly reminders of what you can post.

🍍 Updates and ‘how to’s’ using Cinchshare to ‘work smarter, not harder’.

🍍…useful stuff in general!!!


So, come on over. Let’s get connected and have fun, drink tea, eat cake!😘



Getting ready to Rock your home biz!

There are some great training events coming up over the next few days. An open forum with Sassy Suite and how to rock your business on Instagram. Here are the details you need…



Open Forum with CinchShare, part of Suite Friends Friday.




Rock Your Business on Instagram







Both training events will take place here…Cinchshare FB Page.



Here’s the good bit to help you get a feel of scheduling

🏖Here’s 5 full weeks to play with CinchShare and really see how we can give you the freedom you need to live your real life.
🍍 5 weeks of unlimited posting
🍍5 weeks of Facebook party scheduling
🍍5 weeks without worrying about your content posting.

🏝Go on over to cinchshare here http://bit.ly/CinchThisWay
Click on Begin Your Free Trial to sign up.
Enter promo code: cinchfree




Something to help give a bit of a boost when you are stuck for content  in your groups and pages. I have included a couple of fun days but don’t forget Fathers Day on the 17th.

Don’t forget to join Your HomeBiz on Facebook .CLICK RIGHT HERE TO JOIN!


It’s always good to have some sort of schedule or organisation in place when it comes to your social posts for your home biz. To be able to plan ahead and have it set up can provide that ‘more time with your family’ promise!

Ok, you will still have to allocate which days you are going to dedicate to set them up, obviously, but one of the big big advantages I’ve certainly found has been the need to always keep remembering, everyday , at certain times to post something. It can eat away at your day, right?!

There are many post planning platforms out there,like your Hootsuite or Tailwind and even being able to schedule posts within Facebook has been a huge game changer. You have to find what works for YOU.

I use and chose Cinchshare and here’s why,

It means I can schedule my post to…

  1. Facebook timeline
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Facebook business pages
  4. Schedule to Twitter
  5. Schedule to Instagram
  6. Pin to Pinterest.


It also means I can  ‘recycle’ a post across these platforms.

There are no limits.

And, even though I love the idea of being all productive and consistent early in the morning…I have found I am more creative and have the ‘whacky’ ideas late at night! So, I’ll get things set up, schedule and I’m done.




Have a look yourself…go on have a good rummage and a mooch. If you think it would suit you or you just want to have a try you can get 37days free using promo code cinchfree.


Until next time…



Facebook Albums.

I’ll get straight to the point… How effectively are Custom Facebook albums used for your direct sales page/group?


My hand will go straight up to admit I’ve not used them to their greatest potential and oh boy do I need to revisit this area….for both business pages and customer groups!

Let’s face it, a few photos or graphics are placed as an album is created with every intention of adding as I go along and then a couple of months down the line I suddenly remember they are there! (along with the odd tumbleweed rolling through!)

Intention is great, but can easily be forgotten. So, I’m giving myself a challenge and that is to put this great ‘tool’ into action. There is no excuse on my part. It is there in place to be used and  my goodness,  I’m gonna’ use it!

So, where do I begin!!!! What kind of albums and where?

Let’s break it down a bit here. I’ ll cover a couple of areas but I’m sure there may be more for you.


Best sellers – A custom Album made up with photos of say, your latest top 10 .

Offers – A custom Album of any offers you have. Weekly, Monthly.

Bundles – A custom album of ‘bundle buys’.

Reviews – A custom album of customers photo with the product they have bought from you.

Demo’s – A custom album products in action.

Seasonal – A custom album for different times of the year.




Whichever way you look at it, sponsor, recruit or showing an opportunity, a custom album seems a good way to be able to direct your team member to the information they need.

Business Opportunity – A custom album that shares the basics of getting started.

Business Perks – A custom album showing things you have been able to do as a result of your business.

Conferences- A custom album from any meet ups you have.



This is turning into a nice little brainstorm session. Think of how your direct company/ business works and how the custom albums could help you.


How to create a custom album

Setting up custom photo albums is actually easy and fun, the hardest part is choosing the photos that you want to include!

  • Go to your Facebook Business Page
  • Click on Photos then Create Album
  • Choose the photos you wish to add to your custom album
  • Write any descriptions you wish to go with each photo
  • Name your album something simple that explains the photos inside and you can include a description if you like (website links are awesome here too)


One of the main obstacles I have faced in the past is simply ‘remembering’ to add photos into the right album as I went along and that ,my friend, is where I got into a right old pickle with it all!

Thankfully , with Cinchshare, you can  schedule images into the albums. Earlier, I said , I have no excuse…and being able to schedule is my reason.


Well, it seems I have a bit of sorting  to do now!






If you would like to try Cinchshare to help with scheduling your social media content, Click on the image to take advantage of trying it for 37 days (5weeks).