Something to help give a bit of a boost when you are stuck for content  in your groups and pages. I have included a couple of fun days but don’t forget Fathers Day on the 17th.

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It’s always good to have some sort of schedule or organisation in place when it comes to your social posts for your home biz. To be able to plan ahead and have it set up can provide that ‘more time with your family’ promise!

Ok, you will still have to allocate which days you are going to dedicate to set them up, obviously, but one of the big big advantages I’ve certainly found has been the need to always keep remembering, everyday , at certain times to post something. It can eat away at your day, right?!

There are many post planning platforms out there,like your Hootsuite or Tailwind and even being able to schedule posts within Facebook has been a huge game changer. You have to find what works for YOU.

I use and chose Cinchshare and here’s why,

It means I can schedule my post to…

  1. Facebook timeline
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Facebook business pages
  4. Schedule to Twitter
  5. Schedule to Instagram
  6. Pin to Pinterest.


It also means I can  ‘recycle’ a post across these platforms.

There are no limits.

And, even though I love the idea of being all productive and consistent early in the morning…I have found I am more creative and have the ‘whacky’ ideas late at night! So, I’ll get things set up, schedule and I’m done.




Have a look yourself…go on have a good rummage and a mooch. If you think it would suit you or you just want to have a try you can get 37days free using promo code cinchfree.


Until next time…



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