June wacky calendar

  Wow! Another month full to the brim of wacky days. Always a great guide for those moments when you just don't know what to post! Each month for our SC reps, they always get a wacky calendar. It's just a fantastic tool to mix up your daily content or keep your posts themed with … Continue reading June wacky calendar

MAY! Here we come and we’re going to knock your socks off!

Can you believe it eh?! MAY! Personally I love May just so I can say 'May the Fourth' be with you! I know , it's really corny but it still tickles me and it is a fantastic opportunity to get those Star Wars goodies out there. Just saying! So, here it is MAY Wacky Calendar … Continue reading MAY! Here we come and we’re going to knock your socks off!

Oh my Giddy Aunt!!

I'm really all over the place at the moment but things are settling. Here's why... The other week I was approached by the very beautiful Senior team over at SCBoutique asking if I would be interested in a trial and join them. Well, I don't mind telling you my 'flabber was gasted'!!!!!! A pleasant surprise … Continue reading Oh my Giddy Aunt!!

Here’s and idea (or two)…Avoid The Summer Slump!

Honestly, the Summer is ambling in! This weeks training on the Summer Slump has some great ideas on summer themes for your Facebook parties. How ,where, and why have a Facebook party,  party scripts and why hostess coaching is so important. Have I mentioned the free printables? They're included too. Let's keep the motivation going … Continue reading Here’s and idea (or two)…Avoid The Summer Slump!