June wacky calendar



Wow! Another month full to the brim of wacky days. Always a great guide for those moments when you just don’t know what to post!

Each month for our SC reps, they always get a wacky calendar. It’s just a fantastic tool to mix up your daily content or keep your posts themed with your products. Throw in a few fun facts or maybe a top tip or one of the mouthwatering recipes you can find on pinterest ( whether you get round to making it is another thing but the food…ooops I’m peckish now!)


Getting ahead!


40217b1d-c81c-4869-d9d7-c79a785c9ed1Cinchshare! oh my, how I love thee!!.

…and perfect for freeing up those days to get collared for the parents egg & spoon race at your childs school sports day!!!

You can three leg it down that sports field, knowing your biz is taking care of itself.

⭐Here’s 5 full weeks to play with CinchShare and really see how we can give you the freedom you need to live your real life.

  • 5 weeks of twitter, pinterest, instagram .
  • 5 weeks of unlimited posting.
  • 5 weeks of posting into your facebook groups, pages, photo albums, group events.
  • 5 weeks without worrying about your content posting.


Go on over to Cinchshare here http://bit.ly/CinchThisWay
Click on Begin Your Free Trial to sign up.
Enter promo code: CINCHFREE



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