Are you free for half hour on Wednesday?

I only ask because if you are having a look for ‘something to do’ and you are wondering whether to take the plunge with a home biz, (you can begin a drum roll here!) then it would be great for you to pop over to the   ‘your home biz’ group’      and join in.

The event starts at 9pm and it is more of an info night.

When I was having a look for something ‘to do from home’, I became fascinated by all the opportunities out there.  Then  you reach a point of being overwhelmed by it all and you go from only knowing about a couple to ‘ oh, my goodness …I’d better look at reviews…aaargh…one says yes it’s great, another wasn’t so happy…I have no idea what to do now!’


Think of what YOU like.

Think about what you would buy as a customer.

Think about how you want this new ‘venture’ to fit in with YOUR lifestyle.

Think about YOUR reason ‘why’.

Be excited about what you see.

You will know when it is time to take the plunge and tap that hovering finger on the ‘request more info, I’m in’ button.

YOU are in control of your decisions.

So, get yourself comfy on Wednesday night and lets see what happens. (You will have to provide your own slippers and snacks!)

See you there!


Your Home Biz Uk’ opportunity event. Online retail

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