IN THE SUMMERTIME. Marketing online.

Ok. I shall be fair. It can be difficult to feel all summer-y when you don’t know whether to do socks or flip flops at the moment! But let’s see what ideas there are for a bit of summer marketing. This week , there was a great training session by Cinchshare on exactly this.

In the meantime, I thought I would do a quick summary (ooo…a summer-y summary!🤣).


The Power of Seasonal Marketing

Your customers are still going to be shopping somewhere, so why not with you?

Summer may not be huge shopping months but it is a great chance to get noticed. It’s time to inject interest and fun into your groups or pages.

Keep your brand relevant and fresh in the minds of your social media followers.


Your Social Media Profile Image

Have you thought about bringing a bit of summer to your FB Biz page profile?

If you go to “add frame” for your profile image, do a search for CinchShareSummer and you can add one to your profile pic!




Decorate Your “Storefront”

Your cover photo on your FB Biz page and your customer FB group is your “storefront” window . So, lets get into the summer season and get a theme going. It’s the perfect place to showcase your summer specials and offers. I’m thinking flamingos, beach balls, seaside stuff, how about a few cocktails!


What about fun theme and awareness dates?

The summer has a lot to answer for when it comes to picnics, bbq’s, parties and holidays.

Of course there are plenty of fun days, which quite often , we don’t know about until it’s here!

Here are a few to get you thinking:

MONTH: MAY – Share a story month

WEEKS: Doughnut week (12th – 19th May). British sandwich week (15 – 22 May)

DAYS: Star wars day (4/5). Lost sock day (9/5). My buckets got a hole day (30/5).


Don’t panic! Here are a couple of sites where you can find more awareness days.

Project Britain

Awareness Days.

Days of the year.

Time and Date

Create Those Summer Themed Social Media Posts

Time to mix it up. Of course you will be posting about your products but add some extra content. How about ‘content curation’?

Digital content from a variety of sources. Think about it for a minute…blogs, Pinterst, Facebook etc. Share them with your followers.

Show them the beach picnic ideas, summer decoration, family fun in the sun, how to pack your suitcase! Be creative and keep the boredom away for your followers.



Showcase and link to summer related items

Get your summer-y products out there . Feature it , create a custom album just for summer specials on your FB BIZ page. (remember you can share it into your group from your page.)

Use summer words & phrases!

Here we go… sun kissed, tropical, sun fun, beach fun…you get the idea. What would you use?



Ask questions – The power of simplicity.

Keep it simple. Questions can be ‘over thought’ but by keeping it simple and real , you can show your customers/ followers that you do care about them.

You can do a poll or ask questions about their favourite summer scent, a summer recipe, activities for school holidays , their favourite holiday, favourite ice cream🍦


Get those themes going for your Facebook parties or summer fayre events.

Pinterest is a great place for quick inspiration and Cinchshare have a whole collection of party images to share. You can import the collection straight to your Cinchshare account.



WOW! Some great ideas and planning to do.

If you are not a Cinchshare user yet you can join for free and try it out for 37 days (5 weeks!) CLICK HERE & USE PROMO CODE CSFREE on account sign up.


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