Planning your ‘Themed Facebook Parties’.

Oh my goodness! I am going to be the first to hold up my hands and say “What? Already? I thought I’d got it planned!!”

Six weeks of ploughing through summer fun and this mom has fallen behind! Ironic? Absolutely! So , here we go …little one back at school, routine returned and oh boy , there is soooooo much to get done.

Thankfully , the great team at Cinchshare have yet again inspired and given us fantastic guidelines for getting Facebook Themed parties underway.

You can catch up with the training HERE and ; if you are not a cinch user yet; you can play around with it for 5weeks, free if you go here and use the promo code CINCHFREE.

Here’s a few pointers for you from the training, along with some freebies…

What is a Facebook Party? 
Put simply it’s the online version of a home party. Many of the activities are the same as a home party.

It’s created on Facebook at a specific location (in an event or group) and at a specific date and time.

The party host and guests hang out together online to read/watch a series of posts for a pre-determinded amount of time.

Posts can be a mix of status messages, photos and videos. Guests can learn all about your products and have fun doing it from their computer, tablet or phone in their fluffy slippers a cup o’ tea to hand!(or Gin!).

Themed Parties

At home or on Facebook, the goal is the same:guests are placing orders and begging you to book a party of their own!

Theme Parties set you apart as different and fun.

FREEBIE: 60 FREE theme party images for CinchShare users:

Here’s a little sneaky peek:

Beach Resort Travel Photo Collage (1)

The best day/time to host an online party?

Quite simply, it’s different for all of us and dependant on what your hostess would prefer.

Many find success  on weeknights instead of weekends. Others will want them at the beginning of the week rather than the end.

TOP TIP: Whatever time you choose, focus on days and times when people are naturally on Facebook.

Setting up the Party

You :the consultant; will want to make it as easy as possible for the Host. All they need to concentrate on is inviting their friends & family.

All you have to consider is setting up the party. Here’s how within in a group.

You will need:
1) An awesome Cover Photo — this will go at the top (also known as a banner image) of the group/event. It needs to be something that gets people excited when they come to the party because it is the very first thing they see when they get there, regardless if they are logging in from their computer, tablet or phone. First impressions are crucial and your cover photo/banner is that first impression!
2) Party Details – Add all of the party details to the Group Description so the guests know the time, date, location, ordering link, etc. Anything a guest needs to know, put it there.
3) Once the group is completely set up, you can choose whether to add your Hostess as an admin or not.

TOP TIP: By creating a group ( for each host) should they deicde to join your team , you will already have a ‘customer group’ set up for them, with a foundation of their customers. What a fantastic start  for your ‘new team member’.

TOP TIP 2:  As a cinchuser you can schedule ALL your party posts ahead of time. The next time you need to schedule a party, your posts are already saved within cinchshare and you just recycle/batch post for a new group. Timesaver!

>>>To help you get started here is a nice little planner for you. Use it as a guide. If you get stuck for ideas when it comes to engagement posts join ‘Your Home Biz’ group for weekly ideas. It’ll be great to see you there.

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