Likes or Follows? What is this craziness?!!

It’s one of those weird moments when you realise you have more likes than follows on your facebook page or more follows than likes!

What does it all mean? Let’s explain (because it has been keeping me awake and I need to sleep!!)

Like & following.

When someone likes your page, by default, they also ‘follow’. Edgerank, (Facebooks algorithim) will determine how often you see the pages posts.

However, they can choose to’ unfollow’. Their ‘like ‘ will still show but they won’t necessarily see your posts.

Like the page & ‘See first’ following

Quite a valuable type of like for a Facebook Page. Someone has visited the Page, clicked on the Following button and opted to change their follow status to See First.This overrides Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm and ensures that someone will see a particular Page’s posts.

Their Like & Follow will show.


Like and not Following

Uh oh! Someone has liked your page but chose to unfollow. They won’t see the pages post, but their ‘like’ will still show.

Their ‘Like’ will show


Not liked but following.

They never liked it to start with and just hit that  ‘follow’. Whatever their reason, they will still see your posts. There could be many reasons they don’t want to be seen to like a page. Social listening maybe one reason.Simply keeping an eye on competitors, customer engagement, trends – that kind of thing.

No ‘Like’ but ‘Follow’ will show.


So, I hope this explains a little as to why we can see a difference in those figures! For me, I’m happy just knowing the difference and currently have more follows than likes. Oh and that ‘see first’ option – I’m liking that one very much!!






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